As much as the end result of your Astropod flight is unforgettable, the journey is just as much fun. An Astropod launch day could mean getting up before sunrise and travelling across the country, if you’re ready for adventure, or you can pick a day when the Astropod is landing nearby in familiar territory.

  • Travelling to the place where your Astropod is landing may be the most exciting car journey you ever take. As location updates come through and you revise your flight predictions, you might find yourself changing directions as you race to meet your Astropod as it lands. To date, there are no recorded cases of a person catching an Astropod. You could be the first!

  • Location updates from an Astropod’s flight computer are pinpoint-precise. Once the payload has returned to Earth, you’ll have no trouble identifying its landing site. Getting there might be a more exciting challenge.

  • Your recovery trip might take you off the beaten track - it’s an adventure, after all. Wear some good walking boots and don’t forget to bring water and snacks! An Astropod launch is a perfect way to get away from screens and into the wilderness for a day.

  • Whatever your recovery mission looks like, the end result is guaranteed to look incredible. The Astropod flight computer captures video throughout your flight with our custom low-power recording software, so you will have around two hours of amazing footage from your flight to watch back.

  • If you’ve nabbed an amazing shot or seen a cool moment, whether it’s a cloud feature, a passing bird or even an alien ship on its way by, share it with us and you could be featured on our social media.


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