There are ten dedicated Astropod launch sites situated across the UK. All have been pre-approved for Astropod launches by the Civil Aviation Authority, meaning your flight is completely safe and legal.

  • Our launch sites have been carefully selected to maximise convenience. Spread evenly across the country, each is located in a beautiful public park with convenient parking nearby.

  • Launching your Astropod couldn’t be simpler. Travel to your launch site, activate your flight computer, connect your Astropod to the parachute, fill up the balloon and let our engineering do the rest.

  • The flight computer uses an Android operating system with two simple applications that film throughout the flight and let you locate your Astropod on landing.

  • We supply you with exactly the right amount of gas for your launch. All variables have been selected and controlled by our engineers to ensure each flight is guaranteed to reach Near Space.

  • Once you’ve filled the balloon, you just have to let go of your Astropod. Then it’s time to travel to the predicted landing site and begin tracking your Astropod as it flies into space! 


10 Approved Launch Sites